Frequently Asked Questions

Do the restaurants know when you’re coming?

No way. If restaurants knew we were planning to visit, they might plan ahead and make a burger specifically for the occasion. We find that surprise visits are the only way to genuinely inspect quality. This ensures the order comes out looking like the sloppy American burger we have all grown to love and not the picture-perfect sandwiches featured on commercials.

How do you choose the restaurants you review?

A lot of factors go into choosing restaurants. For obvious reasons, we go places we have gone before. Sometimes, we just want a familiar burger. Other times, we rely on tips from our social media accounts or simply browse online for new places; and we certainly don’t limit our search to burger-specific joints as a good burger could be found anywhere!

Does theburgerchick get compensated for reviews?

Absolutely not! The mission of theburgerchick is to find the best burgers, and that requires objective review. If people were paying us, we’d feel forced to celebrate all burgers; and while we enjoy most, it’s vital to note when one is better than another for the readership as well as the restaurants.

So theburgerchick won’t accept free food?

Not usually. The only exception would be for media tasting. This means theburgerchick may accept invitations to try new or updated menu items. However, it should be noted that we do not feel it is ethical to review these items upon said visit or during the review of another meal.

Can restaurants be featured in some capacity for media tasting?

Absolutely! We would love to share a quick picture, video or blurb about getting the chance to taste your new or updated item on our social media accounts.