burgerchick_aboutme_picBaton Rouge,

Hi, my name is Kathleen, and I’m hooked on burgers. I love a lot of different cuisines, and I’ll try just about anything; but I have to say a burger with fries is hands-down my favorite meal. Come on! You can’t get more American than a cheesy meat sandwich!

Now, I’m not a culinary artist, and I’m not even much of a cook at home; but I know what I like; and I plan to find the best burgers Baton Rouge has to offer. What this means is I’ll be eating a lot of burgers this year. It also means I’ll be stomaching some that are none too appetizing. You’re welcome.

This site won’t be like other food reviews you may have seen. 

This site is purely for the burger enthusiast. “Which is whom?” you might be asking. You’re probably a burger enthusiast if you like burgers enough to:

  1. Pay any price.
  2. Wait any length of time.
  3. Endure poor customer service.
  4. Sit in less than sanitary conditions (aka – dive bars and that guy’s home-kitchen on the corner). Just kidding. Sort of.

If this is you, good because I won’t be factoring any of these criteria into my ratings. In fact, the first year or so of burger reviews will only hold standard cheeseburger and fry options under consideration.

This rules out open-faced burgers loaded with chili and tex-mex cheese, and it certainly eliminates burgers piled high with crawfish and shrimp tails! Although, I’m sure these creations are delectable in their own right, they sometimes get in the way of the burger. I’ll have to readdress these options upon secondary restaurant visits (if they earn them).

What You Need to Know

  • I’ll always order a cheeseburger.
  • I’ll always order fries.
  • And I’ll always order an unsweet tea with a splash of sweet if they have it.

How else can I truly compare?

Bon Appetite!